Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Getting A Little Moldy


We've had rain now for four days straight.  Not a complaint either.   We really need it, the whole state including most of northern Mexico is in a severe drought.   Maybe we have enough to spare us more time before it is all over.   They say it could be two more years.   I need to run by the lake and see what the level is now.

Mostly stayed inside yesterday and so far today except for the gym and the grocery store.   Food prices seem to have gone up a bit.   Apples, avocados, and chicken.   Roasted chicken here runs about 59 pesos but at HEB and Soriana the other day it was 80 pesos.   I bought one today for 64 pesos so I thought I would check out whole raw chicken and roast a couple myself in the oven since it is cool out.  Wow, 70 pesos.  Something must be going on with the hen houses.

Not much else going on other than planning for my McAllen trip on Friday and Saturday.   The following week I will be working for two hours in Saltillo and helping out teachers in our local school in Allende.  The kids really like me, I think it is a change of pace from the ordinary grind of doing things the same way everyday.   I get them working in groups and give them expressions to use, no hand raising here.   I find a victim and make them speak.  They have a lot of fun with it and it really does help them to learn.   Breaking that old paradigm of ask and answer takes a long time.   Afterall, we have only be doing it for over 300 years.  

Have a great day!


  1. Chris, have you ever looked at Lynda.com? Seems like they could use some of your talents. Teaching is so much fun when you get immediate positive feedback.

  2. Not all teachers care enough about their students. It is obvious that you do.

  3. Here is an article that may help to understand increases in food prices........


    Supply and demand. Less chicken feed causes the price to rise - costs more to feed chickens so chickens cost more. Lots of other similar stories.