Friday, May 31, 2013

A Disappointment For The Media

And for many people who thought they knew what Mexico was all about.  I'm talking about the release of Yanira Maldonado the American returning on a bus from Hermosillo who was arrested for "supposed" transport of marijuana.   Everyone knew from the beginning it was a mistake and she would be released.  The news media went berzerk certain they would get a long, drawn out story about corruption in Mexico and drug running.  

I listen to U.S. news everyday for 30 minutes and then turn to news from Spain, BBC and PBS to get the real story.   Everyday this went on this week, U.S. news attempted to make a story out of it but each report always ended with a big fat "thud".

IMHO, her big mistake was taking the bait from the Mexican military.   They purposely told her she could bribe the judge for 5K.   If she took the bait it would show guilt.   It came close but again, Mexico is not living in the 19th century.   Cameras at the bus station proved she boarded the bus with only water and blankets.   The judge reviewed the info and then ordered her release.

The media doesn't give up though.  Now the news is playing up the story of "don't visit Mexico" the risk is too great based on this event.  


How many people use autobuses as transport throughout Mexico everyday for business and tourist travel?

How many Mexicans cross the U.S. border unknowingly carry drugs just like Yanira, are caught by U.S. border agents, and then released once they prove their innocence?

Do people really believe you could live in a country with 112 million people next to the U.S. and Canada and be able to have an overly corrupt justice system?   (befor answering this question think about the U.S. legal system; frivolous lawsuits, prisoners sitting on death row who are innocent, brokered deals to avoid international scandal)

In the end, this story fizzled out so now I predict numerous television programs and news companies with programming showing the dangers of traveling in Mexico.   Want to place a bet?


  1. Our Dish receiver right now is getting SLC local programming. They have really beaten this story to death along with the national media. Since we will probably never see the other side of the story, please let us know the ending. e/i, the MJ was placed there by another passenger (best outcome for Mexico) or was it planted by someone (military).