Friday, May 17, 2013

We Sadly Lost A Piece of History

I'm here in McAllen until tomorrow.  The company got me a nice room at the Pear Tree Inn.   I had a meeting at 1 p.m. and then got materials from the office.  Tomorrow I give a presentation to district supervisors here.  It  will be a tough group but I think it will go well.   

I am very happy today, I had my blood pressure taken.   119/83!  The best it has been in a few years.  No bread, no cheese, no red meat and no alcohol.    Seems to be working.  None of the previous are 100% with the exception of the red meat. 

The picture above is the textile factory that has been in Santiago for almost 200 years.  The factory was abandoned in the 1980s.   They were planning a museum.  Sad news, it burned down this morning as I was leaving town.   I don't think I showed anyone who has come to visit but I am sure Bill and Mo know of the place as they have friends in Santiago.  A piece of history up in smoke.  The saved the tower and the date marker plate so I guess the museum will be built around it now.    We are going there on Sunday and I will take some pictures.


  1. Good news about the blood pressure! No alcohol is a steep price to pay though. Surly that doesn't include vodka??

  2. That makes two of us going alcohol free...oh, three including Ruth! Been almost three weeks now without a drop!

  3. Sorry about the loss in Santiago. Always hate to see history disappear.
    As you know, we love Santiago.

    Great news health-wise!

  4. Congrats on lowering your BP!