Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Two Things Burning On My Mind

A lot of Mexico stuff has gone on the last couple of months with both rvers and ex-pats.  Thanks to Juan and his doctorate research, we have learned some new ways of doing on-line surveys.  I hope to have at least one of them ready in the next week.  The easiest one to write is for rvers.   The ex-pat is a bit complicated as there have been many changes in immigration law.  I also have a lot questions concerning perspectives on living in Mexico.  Most ex-pats like rvers, are retired and their experiences are much much different versus someone who lives and works here, pays taxes, property, vehicle, salary, and so on.  

I am open to suggestions in terms of questions I should include.  I also ask that once I post the survey, that you pass it around to the different groups and forums you participate in to get the largest response.

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