Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Plans Are Set


We kicked around a lot of ideas for summer.  As I said the other day, the heat is upon us and we are now turning on the A/C from about 5 to 10 p.m.   After that, we keep the bedroom closed and turn on the ceiling fan and that keeps us cool through the night.   Boy this reminds me of living in Kansas City.  We didn't have A/C then and did everything we could think of to keep cool.  

I really want to spend time in New Mexico.  We know some of the state and their state park system is one of the best in the U.S.  We found a small list of parks above 5,000 feet but after investigating it appears daytime temps are very high.   I hate our air conditioner in the rv, it is so noisy it drives me nuts.  So we finally scratched that idea.

There is Chihuahua which still has a maybe 5% chance of still being the destination.   I have made a great boondocking list and a group of campgrounds that are under 80 pesos a day.  We've been to Chihuahua several times and we love it there too.   Again, daytime temps are my biggest concern.

We have decided 95% on Jalisco and going to Hacienda Contreras.   We love the area, Valle de Juarez fits our needs for shopping at the Saturday market and the wonderful gym they have.   People seem to like us there and we like them too.   Lots of hiking and we like to spend time in Mazamitla.   The cats came roam the rv park without any worries.  The biggest plus of HC is the weather.   Summers are sunny and warm during the day, but the nights are cool and perfect for sleeping.   Afternoon rains or should I say thunderstorms cool things down.   

Nearby we can visit other towns for a couple of days and on our way down stop at San Miguel de Allende and tool around there as well as Queretaro.   I can say that we will be gone for July and August and then heading back down in November to Queretaro for the annual teachers convention staying at the rv section in the Flamingo Hotel downtown.   After we will probably continue southwest to spend winter at the beach for a change.


  1. I, too, hate the AC noise. Not only that, but the generator makes a lot of noise as well. But it's been 100 degree weather here, so..... Anyway, we're heading for NM in about a month. (Bill's home state)... But, unlike you, we don't have any real plans. We've never been in Mexico during the summer... been to Puerta Valarta and San Blas... love being along the sea. Looking forward to what you end up doing.

  2. Sounds great to me. I really want to spend a summer in that area.

  3. Don't forget that you are going to want to try out the new Durango to Mazatlan highway and visit us!