Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Day At The Hospital


We got an early start this morning leaving the house around 6:45.   Apparently, many people sign up for surgery and then change their minds.  Juan's was scheduled for 10 a.m. but told us to be there before 8 in case that person didn't show up.  Wierd isn't it?  The doctor said one day he had three surgeries in a row and they didn't show up or call and cancel.   Social medicine, if you're not paying I guess it doesn't matter.

Well, the 8 a.m. showed up.  She hurt her knee wearing those new high heeled shoes with the short ball of the foot on a thick sole.   She didn't fall but doubled her ankle tearing the meniscus in the knee.  

The social system farms out the work to a private hospital.   It is in Monterrey by our old house.  Nice neighborhood and wonderful facilities as you can see below.   

Anyway, he went it at 8:30 and surgery started at 10 a.m. on the button.   Once he got started I went to the HEB down the street for breakfast.   Came back and chatted up a storm with the other three people in the waiting room.  The staff is fantastic, very professional.  
Juan finished just before noon and went to recovery.   I was listed as a friend and they led me back to recovery to see him.  He was in good spirits and in very good hands.   He complained about being hungry but had to wait until he was out.   He asked for a torta from La Purisima which is near downtown and about 10 minutes from where the hospital is.   I took off and picked up lunch so we wouldn't have to stop on the way home.

Here is where I waited

Got  home and put him down after he ate.  It's 6:30 and he's still out like a light.  He starts walking and driving tomorrow as much as he can and then goes back in two weeks to have the bandages removed.  All's well that end's well.


  1. Apparently I missed the post saying why Juan needed surgery.... (damned internet service!!!)... Anyway, glad to hear he's doing okay. Give him our best wishes (and a hug from me).

  2. Give our best wishes to Juan, he will be dancing on the table again in no time! It is not right that you have to be listed as a "Friend". Canada has figured this out, why not Mexico!

  3. Not sure what the surgery was but good to hear all went well and he will up and about very soon. Lovely waiting room for a hospital.

  4. Best to him from us also!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico