Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Needle Scratching The Record

What an interesting day.  Busy in fact.   Apart from the continuing humidity and heat, I ran into a real dilemma today.  I was asked to interview some possible candidates for a teaching position in a private Catholic school.  I interviewed two candidates and was not impressed.  Then came a guy who met all the requirements;  education, knowledge, level of English, excellent work background and presentation.   Remember I said it is a private Catholic school.   He then told me he was a Witness.   (now add the sound of a needle moving across a vinyl LP).  Not my decision, but that was the end of that.  Kind of like a Republican applying for a job working on a Dem's campaign trail.    Too bad.  I kind of wish he wouldn't have mentioned it and had known better.

I have a plan to get the rv ready for our trip.  It needs a good wax still, and believe it or not, I have found a place here in Monterrey to buy the charge controller for the solar.  I hope to visit them on Monday and see if they have what I am looking for. 

I am still debating on whether or not to install a camera system here at home so we can monitor the house while we are gone to avoid any problems like we had while we were in Montemorelos.  Not sure if I wrote about it.  If I didn't, remind me to tell the story.


  1. The CEO at the hospital where I worked was a J. Witness. Long story but he kind of fell into the top job when the hospital went on strike in 1977. He was only 28 at the time. He was CEO until 2011, when the hospital was taken over by a big healthcare consortium. When he was really young (and green) he did some "talking" that was inappropriate. Maybe the board of trustees put him straight, but from then on religion was not a subject to be discussed. He, by the way, was a Roman Catholic before becoming a witness. I only say all this because it did work.... he managed the hospital well, and apparently managed to separate his personal life from work. .... In fact, in the years before I retired in 1997, I never once saw his wife or children at the hospital or any function. Interesting, huh?

  2. Hi Sharon, I was hoping that would be the case but when they asked me about the interview I couldn't lie. So when asked what religion he was, I had no other choice. I am going to talk to them because I really feel he is a good candidate for the job. He looks smart and would know better but I have a feeling being a small community the parents would find out and object. Hard to be other than Catholic in Mexico. The Mormons purchased land years ago in the wealthiest sector of the city. When they decided to build they were forced out to the city's edge, no questions asked. Still in a condundrum.

  3. We did not hear the story of what happened in your house. Was that when you were with us at Monte Sur?