Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy Day Here In Guadalajara

Juan is off for his meeting.  As I said, we drove out there yesterday to find the place.  An easy drive and I'm sure he won't have any issues getting there today.

The office has been closed here all weekend.   Today we pay the bill and discuss the rates.  On the webpage it says 18 dollars but the they told us when we arrived 25.   So the office manager gets here at 10 a.m. and we'll see what he says. 

I'm off to Mega and CostCo to find my blood pressure medicine and to check with local vets on some medicine for Kevin and Ruth's dog, Whiskey.   Whiskey requires some special meds and I hope I get lucky and find them today.  I hate buying clothes but I need to start looking for some new shirts.  Geez, I wonder what color I'll find?  The worst case is I can always color them as long as they are cotton.

I wanted to mention a great gizmo that I am sure most of you more educated wine drinkers are aware of.  When we were at the Hacienda, Dave and Valerie showed us their wine aerator.  A wonderful thing that will bring any wine to life.   Barb asked me several times what we wanted from the states and I told her nothing except the aerator.   Well, to my surprise, they gave us one as a gift.  It is from the Sharper Image and we used it last night for the first time.   I can't believe we lived without it this long.  Here is what it looks like:

This one is two pieces.  The top sits on the glass as you pour the wine in.  The bottom is a holder so you can set in down on the table without making a mess.  I don't have a lot of gizmos but this is a keeper.  Another good one is a heat-resistant spatula.  Thanks Sal and Barb for a great gift.


  1. Heh! Our neighbors that are renovating and stay with us brought me one last trip. They brought one over from their kitchen boxes on the previous trip and I loved it. They are fun! Of course, a few months later I'm in Liverpool and there is one very similar. I probably wouldn't have noticed it before getting one.

  2. I just ordered one from eBay. It is tough to try keeping up with you guys!