Sunday, August 21, 2011

SMA or Bust

Sunday morning and we are packed and ready to go.  Some minor glitches.   I went to dump the tanks and realized that the drain in the ground was overflowing.   Stopped up I guess.  Why do they call it black water?  It's not really black.   When we payed for our stay yesterday Andres wouldn't accept our debit card.  He said he needed to pay the workers.   Hmmmm?  So we went to get cash from one of the thousands of ATMs in Guadalajara.   Came back and asked for a receipt.  All we got was a piece of paper with a hand written note.   Another, Hmmmm??  I needed an invoice for tax purposes as I am working on the road and the stay or part of it is deductible on my Mexican taxes.    I can imagine what's up with that.  Some rvers of which there are three, said the price was 250 pesos a day.  We negociated that considerably and also got a free night to boot.  Another big hmmmm??

Last night we were presented with two tickets to the folkloric dance group of Guadalajara.   The event celebrated Senior's day on October 1st.  This was the opening event.  Juan had been in contact with the director of the group and visited a rehearsal the other night.  That is when he invited us.   Too funny, we got to the theater and it was open seating.  There is loge seating as well as the main floor.  We wanted the main floor.  Saying we were given the tickets by the director got us the best seats in the house but some jeers from old bags waiting to get in.  They said, "he's not a senior".  I told them I was 55 and that quieted them down.   That is a hint because someone has a birthday on Monday. 

One last thing.  We enjoyed our stay here in Guadalajara.   A well-organized city with many projects in the works.  It is a pain in the butt for those that live here but it will all be done soon and you can already see the results.  One thing I like is that it is very easy to move around the city.   We have had nothing but a great experience.   The Tapatios are wonderful people and treated us very kindly to say the least.   No horn honking, no pushing, and it appears there is a huge middle class here which makes it an even nicer town.  Good food, great restaurants and the main plaza at night is a joy to hang out in.  Kind of like Oaxaca.   I would live here but it is way too big, Mexico's second largest city. 

I'm sure we will be back in the next year.  The rv park is very nice in terms of the location.  It is quiet, peaceful and a lot of people live here full time but in apartments and small houses.  I still don't understand how things work and I wanted to ask someone but here it appears everyone stays to themselves.   Good shopping near by, easy access on and off the highway.   However, it is obvious this place has a short life and thus no investment in the park, rv sites, or infrastructure.   Very sad but a reality of life.  

San Miguel here we come.

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