Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day Trip To Mazamitla


Yesterday I started work on my editing project.   I have dedicated X number of hours per day to getting the job done.  I have a deadline of Friday to get it off via Estafeta (overnight carrier) to Mexico City for the following Monday.   It has gone extremely well and I have had a few doubts which are cleared up via email. 

We decided to take the afternoon and go sightseeing in Mazamitla.  There is a street market there on Mondays and it was a real winner.  They sell just about everything from farm equipment, new clothes, used clothes, groceries, fresh produce, tortillas, fresh-baked pizza to a guy who will download software on the spot for next to nothing.

We walked the complete market and munched on a slice of fresh-baked pizza that came out of an oven heated by a nearby tank of LP gas.  Crunchy crust, lots of sauce and cheese, not to mention pineapple, ham and chorizo for an astounding price of only 13 pesos.   It was one of the best pizzas we have ever eaten.   As we strolled along we looked at things we don't see at home.  As we walked we got even hungier; fresh fried chicharron, tostadas with ham, beans and cheese, fresh cut fruit cups, mangos on a stick, gelatin on a stick shaped like a cone in multi-colors and sparkles.   There was another pizza place at the end and the woman was selling the slice at 12 pesos.  We had to try it and we split one slice.

After the market we drove a couple of blocks to the main plaza and found a place to park.  You can see by the pictures this is a great place to be a tourist.  They cater to everyone and there is a little something to make everyone happy.   There are small cafes that sell coffees and lattes, mexican food, pizza, borrego on a wood-stoked oven, to mention a few.

Here I was last Friday returning to the bus station in Mazamitla.

This was our Sunday dinner.  A delicious steak cooked on the grill.  We had been aging the meat for a couple of weeks.  That was the best steak I have had in years not to mention the company.

Okay, here we are entering the market.  How convenient that there is a liquor store right there!  They sell some good Mexican wines and the prices are not much higher than in the big city.

Viva Mexico!

This guy got a new hat at the market!

This is the main plaza.  A beautiful place to hang out.  Pine trees, cool breezes and lots of quiet.

The stone cobbled streets of Mazamitla.

The market midway.  You can see the word "internet" in the corner of the picture on the orange sign, this is the guy who downloads software.  Secure your router, I didn't know it but you can buy a generic password for entering a secured server or router.  Yikes!

Finally, we make it to lunch.  One of the many family restaurants.  Here you chose what you wanted and as much as you wanted for 40 pesos plus drinks which include brand sodas.

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  1. What a lovely town and market. The cobble streets are marvelous. Lucky you and the choices of food. Sounds like a perfect day in paradise.