Monday, August 15, 2011

My Take On Mexican Rv Parks

I guess today I have too much free time on my hands.  I went for my shopping trip to Mega and CostCo.  There is so much to buy but I'm a looker not a buyer.  I got my medicine at Mega.  CostCo carries it but not the right mix and tablet size.  On my way back I had plenty of time to stroll through the rv park.  The real issue here is not maintaining the park.  It is obvious that the city is growing and this area is middle to upper class and more people are looking for housing than ever before.  With a stable and growing econony, mortgage loan options have never been better for Mexico.  It appears to me that this place will soon be on the auction block or at least a good portion of it.

We went to the office today to negociate the rate and see what was up.  Run down, disorganized, papers in stacks all around the room and most discerning was the lack of a computer.   I know some people would say that this is Mexico and "oh, how neat".  Not. 

Apart from the obvious chopping block that this park is headed for, it is a matter of poor management, culture which dictates we will suck as much out of it as possible and return as little as we can, lack of annual investment programs for beautification and maintenance.  Imagine how low the cost is on a per site basis.  In a year's time you could repair, and upgade 12 to 24 sites with 50 amp service, wifi, and cable.  Snowbirds would be happy to pay $400 per month with metered electric to be in Guadalajara in the winter time.   At a five month average stay that would bring in $50,000 dollars not to mention all the other sites that  $18 to $25 per pay night.  It just boggles my mind to think of the money that must pour through this place.  The advantage is that they already own the land and property taxes are so low in Mexico it isn't even worth collecting.  I've said before we pay only 120 dollars a year on a house that if it were in Texas we would be paying 6950 dollars.

Again, I am a boondocker and not good for rv parks.  However, I do like the convenience of the place, its location and it is kind of far out.  I could easily become a fan of rv parks if they were like our state parks in Nuevo Leon or Hacienda Contreras.  

Just my little rant for the day.  But man, would I give anything for the opportunity to give an rv park a try.  Maybe we should go explore Veracruz.  De Alba Rv Park was leased space, so there must be more of it.

P.S.  We have wi-fi here at the office or activity room.  We found the guy who sells wi-fi but we are too far away from his site to get a good signal.  I am going to Radio Shack tomorrow to see if we can find a hawking device.


  1. You are right. The kids there were constantly fighting with the mother over maintenance of the park. the kids wanted to run it into the ground and then sell it and mom wanted to keep it up. They actually argued in front of the guests. Mom lived in the big house up the hill behind the park.

    If you are a long way from Gene (the wifi guy) you must be in the area that used to be reserved for caravans.

  2. sells an antenna that looks like the Hawking for $6.99 when it's on sale. It needs the adapter to fit the USB port. I've also had good luck with short pole antennas on a long USB cord, so you can position the antenna outside up high.