Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SMA Botanical Gardens


We drove all over the place yesterday looking at possible rv spots.  Some good, some not so good.   All the places are beautiful no doubt as they are outside the city limits on right on the edge.  

We went to the Mega store to resolve some issues it seems some people have with the store and its manager.  Turns out there is no problem and the store is being run as it should.  There is a lot of tension between foreigners here and the store, not all or a lot but a few.  The manager gave us a tour of the store, showed us his health and sanitation records, awards and offered to do whatever he could to make his customers happy.

Dinner for my birthday was at Pegaso Restaurant.  We ate there with all the group from La Siesta two years ago.  A great dinner and conversation.   We always meet new people and had a wonderful time.  We also went by La Siesta yesterday only to find it closed and bulldozed.  The new store is a Sam's that will go up but apparently the seller and the buyer have run into some problems.

We spent the night here at the Botanical Gardens.  Peaceful, quiet, using battery power.  I figured out why the inverter was always beeping.  The outlet for the 12V behind the television is a cheap ass piece of equipment.  I had some alligator clips with me so I went out and hooked it up directly to the batteries and ran an extension cord through the kitchen window.  We didn't do without a thing the last two nights.

Today we have a couple more places to see and then we will be heading home.  We may spend the night here and head out tomorrow.  I am teaching a course next Monday so we need to be home by Friday.


  1. Nice to see a picture of both of you. You are both looking happy and relaxed, travel is good for us all!

  2. What Jonna said... X2. Retirement agrees with you.

    Humm.. Mega.. We shopped there dozens of times and never had any issues at all. It always struck me as a nice, clean, well run store. Must be something that started since we have been there.

  3. The Mega thing was just the latest gripe by newcomers to San Miguel who have too much time on their hands. The week before it was Rosewood and the week before that it was MacDonald's.........it's always something. 99% of us shop at Mega and are grateful for it.....it's that vocal 1% that drive us crazy until they leave and go back to the USA where they probably gripe there! Ha........