Thursday, August 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home

What a great trip we had.  If I could say anything to anyone doubting wether or not to rv in Mexico, don´t give it a second thought.  You don't need to boondock, there are plenty of parks and places to visit.  We boondocked in San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato, Jalisco and Coahuila.   We couldn´t have felt safer in any of the places we were.   Of the two nights we boondocked in SMA, the second night we were woken up by a knocking noise on the side of the trailer only to find out it was a mare and its colt.

The trip home was uneventful.   We planned on staying at Hotel Imperial in Saltillo but decided we could find a great boondocking spot somewhere in the mountain overpass on the 57 about 30 kms south of Saltillo.  We pretty much know the area as Juan taught there over a thousand years ago :).  We took the exit to Los Lirios and headed to town.  About 7 kms before the town, we saw a place that rented cabins.  Sounded good to us to ask if we could spend the night for a fee without services.  The woman in charge said she had to call the office.   When she returned she said it would be 350 pesos.  Without a second word we both said, "adios".   The next ranch the farmer was loading a trailer with apples.  We asked him if he knew of a place nearby.  "Sure, why not park here".  I offered to pay and he was practically insulted.  He said he wouldn´t hear of it.  He also gave us some of his delicious apples and we talked for a bit about his English studies in Kentucky when he was a kid.  Mexicans are so friendly.  

When we left this morning we passed him on the road out to Hwy 57.  We exchanged lights and a wave.  Two minutes later he was on the cellphone asking if everything went alright.  What kind of country do I live in where people care so much about others?  The majority are good people and the small percentage that are causing us this tremendous headache are real crumbs.

How would I rate our trip of the last two months?  The best trip ever.  Beats the heck out of Hawaii.  I would have to say that rving in Australia or Chile might beat this trip.

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  1. There is good and bad everywhere in the world but I believe that Mexico does have some of the most giving and caring people. Thanks for sharing this story. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Very few glitches overall!