Monday, September 15, 2008

Arriving In Kansas City

If you have ever been to Kansas City, it is known as the City of Fountains. Kansas City copied, purchased or stole fountains from around the globe. Kansas City is also the home of the first outdoor shopping mall created by J.C. Nicoles. The Country Club Plaza as it is known, has the largest Christmas lighting ceremony in the U.S. over 2.5 million lights adorn the Plaza area and are turned on every Thanksgiving with a crowd of over 250K on-lookers. A real sight to see and one that people make a pilgrimage to every year from around the globe.

We arrived to the airport which was relocated many years ago to the countryside about 35 miles outside of town. Same as Stapleton in Denver, Kansas City had a wonderful airport located on the Missouri River just along the edge of downtown. You could be there in just about 10 minutes from everywhere and the take offs and landings were truly a sight to see as you flew over the K.C. area. Now the behemoth which sits one hour from downtown sits idle. It was meant to be a hub for some major airline now defunct. In its beginning, it had parquet wood floors, three circular terminals, eateries and more. Today it is hollow and has just a couple of planes that adorn its many umpteen runways. What a tragedy.

The Homestead suites is always a very reliable place. Their king suites have a nice king bed, six soft and cushy fresh smelling pillows, a sitting area with ottomans and a very well-equipped kitchen. I just love it there and it sits right on the edge of the plaza. Everything is within walking distance.

Saturday night we visited with my brother Bill and his wife Kathy. They live in a high rise which overlooks the Plaza. We drove over although we could have easily walked. (never get a car at the airport without reservations, they put the screws to you).

We had quite an evening watching the sunset, chatting and our usual bullshit session, with laughs, jokes, stories and a few tears. All in all, it was a good time had by all. Take a look!

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