Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Wedding

You can never accuse me of not being able to mingle. I never sat down the whole four hours at the party. The party was held in Old Westport, one of the first neighborhoods established in Kansas City. It was held at a place called The Record Bar. My godson works with music groups in Europe and has many contacts in the U.S. as well and he and his wife invited them all. I also visited with his godmother and many of my brother's friends that we all know. My sisters and two of my brothers showed up as well as nieces and nephews. It was really a great time as we get together and talk about old times as well as catch up on what is going on. The food was fantastic; an assortment of cheeses, humus and pita, german sausages and other odds and ends. It was an open bar and needless to say yours truly had a few drinks but not "a few to many".
The happy couple!

My brother Bill and me!

My sisters Cecilia & Monica

The godparents, godson, proud father and niece Laura

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