Sunday, September 28, 2008

Festival de Santa Lucia - Monterrey, N.L.

What a fun weekend it has turned out to be. Friday I was pretty pooped out after giving these courses in OXXO. So I picked up a pizza to celebrate, just one more course on Monday. Comfort food, it really is something. The pizza came from CostCo. Believe it or not, I love the crust, one of the better I have ever had.
Saturday was a showing for the house. Turns out we may have the house showcased in a Monterrey real estate magazine this week. If it is, I'll post the information. The woman from the magazine fell in love with the place. Good news for me, I would like to have it sold by December. My secret project in New Mexico is calling me.

So later on we met up with Nils from Ohio Northern University. He was passing through Monterrey on the search for people to work in the university art projects which he manages. We went down to the Santa Lucia for the month long festival. We walked around a bit and came across a polka dance competition. Yes, polkas a major part of Mexico's folkloric dance history.

While everyone was watching the dance program I went around taking some fantastic shots of downtown Monterrey at night. In this picture you can see the Palacio del Gobierno on the left and our recently remodeled postal service building. (BTW, the Correo Mexicano is undergoing a complete makeover of the system guaranteeing major changes in delivery times and security of those deliveries, more on that this week).

This fountain is down from the street level and I have never seen it lit up at night. It sits in front of the Museo de Historia at the original site of the Ojo de Agua where Diego Montemayor declared the founding of Monterrey.

Later on we went for a walk along the river and found a great little sidewalk cafe and talked as we watched the boats go by.

My diet has been working but I guess the Friday night pizza was not a good idea. You can see in this picture I still have a ways to go. That jelly roll around my waist is a pesky feller and I will continue to work on it although I do have an October 15th deadline I obviously won't meet. That's okay, I'm a work in progress and am trying to defeat aging, gravity, bad genes, and my number one enemy, me!

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