Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nuevo Leon - Taking a Beating

Monterrey and the surrounding areas including Saltillo are really taking a beating from the heavy rains. They should be lifting by Friday but getting there seems far away. Here on the ranch they have closed all the turn arounds under the highway as they are all built along rivers and streams. This is the one I used tonight on the way home. The police were there at the entrance just waiting to shut it down. Not a problem for me, another kilometer and there is an above ground return I could take.

In town today, coming home from the course I am teaching, I found these Mennonite kids selling their cheese and gorditas on the street. No wonder they exel at everything they do. They are willing to work under any condition and they seem to want to do it gladly.
I've never done it, but I always want to yell out to them, "hey primo" (cousin). We all look alike and could pass as relatives. We have had some not so pleasant encounters with them over the years as we rv around Mexico. Not bad events but they sure do keep to themselves and will defend each other to the death. Many are leaving Mexico this year since the federal government cracked down and told them they had to start pasteurizing their cheese products. I don't have statistics yet but it will be intersting to see.

On the various rving forums it looks like people are getting ready for their trip South to Mexico. Lots of information is being shared and I know everyone will enjoy being back. I'm hoping there are many newbees coming too!


  1. Speaking of newbee's, we will be coming either the beginning of January or April at the latest. It has been a long time since my BF has been back. We will be crossing at columbia bridge to go to Guadalupe (Monterrey). Any thoughts on a hotel where we could stay for a week or so before finding a house to rent?

  2. Liz,

    send me an email. let me know your price range and what part of guadalupe, linda vista, la fe, etc. I will be glad to get you going. you won't have problems finding a rental, what price range are you looking to rent?