Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Solar Energy Plan


Today I met with the people from Soluciones Energenticas. They sell all things solar and are quite knowledgeable. We talked for quite some time about solutions for the 40ft rv in Allende and future use of the same package with some expansion when I begin the construction on the new house.

Based on the products they sell and their pricing here is the estimate I received. It is probably a bit overdone but that is what I asked for with the idea we can whittle it down or increase it.

Control Center Outback GTFX2524 2500Watt 2,557.00

Controller C40 12, 24, 48 Volt 185.00

Batteries (10) 1,200.00

Solar Panel 120 Watt (4) 2,840.00

Prices may seem high but that includes import cost plus we haven't discussed price discount.
Here's a pic of the inverter.

The system for the trailer would be tied to the grid. I was given information today that shows that the CFE (comision federal de electricidad) allows the use of solar grid tied systems. This would help to reduce the electic bill to offset the cost of air conditioning.

I am open to all comments and experience related to grid tied systems. Thanks.

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