Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Missy's Back Home

I went to the vet just now for Missy. He is under recovery and the doctor said all went well. He said that Missy will calm down and settle into home living. I told him it was too bad we don't do that to the human population, we might be able to eliminate a lot of violence and crime. He chuckled but admitted it was a good idea.

Here is the patient sniffing his favorite toy, a wadded up piece of paper. Interesting how cats and dogs are. Missy apparently didn't go to the potty for quite a long time. She did number one for several minutes non-stop. Amazing!


  1. And now Missy is very PO'd at Chris! First for naming him "Missy" and now again for cutting off important parts!

    Watch your hanging-down parts when you are walking around him! ;) He may be waiting to pay you back.

    We once had a neighbor who was a Gynecologist. When his cat needed a hysterectomy our neighbor and his Doctor buddy (after many Scotches) decided it was dumb to pay a Vet to do something they could do with their eyes closed. It was only after they had the cat anesthetized and cut open on the kitchen table that they discovered it was, in fact, a male. They quickly sewed him back up and made a pact to never disclose their mistake. His wife however was not part of the pact and took great delight in telling the story.

  2. Thank god I'm not a doctor. I prefer to be known as a psychologist. Imagine if I had kids. Oh boy!