Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Back!

Just got the laptop back and I didn't lose any files. All seems to be in good shape. I went for lunch at the lake which is overflowing with all the flooding. Took some pics that I will share later today. Nap time.

Went down to Allende this morning to check on the lot and the trailer. With all the heavy rains and flooding we sustained, I was a bit worried about how things were. The area drains well and so far since we purchased the place, we see no major issues with water. We took advantage of the trip and picked chilis. There are plants all over the place and they make wonderful salsa. Chile del Monte or Chile Piquin.
This is a pic of my neighbor's palapa. Now that is a well-constructed palapa. Very nice neighbors who will eventually build their house around it. Maybe I'll have one someday!
Stopping by the lake, Presa de la Boca, you can see how high the water is. They have opened the gates several times in the last two weeks. I was waiting for the laptop so I figured a shrimp cocktail was in order.

Man, was that a good cocktail. Geoff and Sandy ate here. The place was empty, as we are expecting more rain.
Well, it is good to have my laptop back. I have lots of activities, reading, work, the quinta, but I really like surfing the web and be a part of various Yahoo groups and rv forums. I was afraid my Sunday paper, RvTravel.Com would not arrive without my laptop. Well, I'll make sure the coffee is ready for tomorrow morning. Yippie!


  1. How far in KMs & time is the Lake with the shrimp cocktail from your present home and your future. Loved the pics!

  2. Can you share your salsa recipes?