Monday, September 22, 2008

Durango Windshield Repair-Another Piece of The Puzzle

I knew when I bought the Durango it had a couple of chips in the windshield. I really noticed one yesterday on my drive to Allende. So I got out my Delta windshield repair kit and went to work. Yes, another missing piece of the puzzle. I took a course in windshield repair several years ago in Austin with the intention of doing repairs here in my spare time or in between my classes. I did and I did it well. Problem here is that the insurance doesn't pay for windshield repair only replacement and it is fairly cheap. So I still do it when I see a good one to fix I drop off a flyer and sometimes they call me. The Toyota dealership gives me a buzz from time to time when they get a trailer full of new cars and they have a couple of chips. Recommendation is my best advertiser.

BTW, if you live in Mexico and drive a Mexican-plated car, Mexican insurance is a real bargain. The big differences are; anyone can drive your car with your permission, tickets and accidents don't count against your premium. I pay 300 dollars a year on the Patty Wagon for liability plus some other goodies.

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  1. Windshield replacement by a qualified glass company is a win-win for consumers, however. By law, insurance rates are part of comprehensive insurance claims that assign no fault, and repairing or replacing damaged windshields cannot be cited for premium increases. No matter how many windshield replacement claims are made, insurance rates will not rise.

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