Thursday, September 11, 2008

Progress Report Hurricane Ike

Ike has taken a turn, at least for now. So it looks like we will make it from McAllen to Dallas Saturday morning. Once we are off the ground I don't care where we land or how long we are there. Just getting out of McAllen is fine by me.

So today I have been running around like crazy. My friend Maggie and her husband will be staying here at Quinta Aruanda for the four-day weekend. I want the house to be spick and span as well as easy for them to be at home.

I got all the bed linen washed and changed out and am now doing some last minute wash. I want to pack everything tonight although I'm not taking off until tomorrow afternoon. It has been raining all day so taking my clothes down to the lake and pounding them on the rocks has not been very effective.

Missy is back to normal. I am a bit concerned about some small infection. The vet gave him a dose of antibiotic.
Tomorrow I'll do a trip report to McAllen as the whole world will be heading there from Monterrey. A four-day weekend of shopping, going out, and celebrating the "Big Scream" in McAllen or Reynosa. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to cross the bridge.

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