Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lazy Saturday

This week was pretty rough considering Monday and Tuesday I was in Kansas City. I had quite a bit of work to prepare for the course I am giving. BTW, the course is rendering some interesting information about how lower-middle class Mexicans here in the North of the country live. I am compiling a sample from the more than 100 employees who will pass through my personal finance course. These people have an average income of 700 to 1500 dollars a month and it varies. They are paid a percent of total store sales minus waste and shoplifting. I will finish this course next Friday. Very interesting.

In the meantime, the weather is changing my way. It has cooled off considerably at night and the days are getting cooler. This is the time I love living here in the North. Winters are wonderful. We still have some color change on the leaves, lots of raking, but the smells of Fall and Winter will soon be here. Last night I got a bit chilly and had to put on my footies. I also need a new blanket. Not that I am proud of this, but I use a liner blanket from a sleeping bag. I got this used from staying at a friend's house in 1988. I fell in love with it. I sleep on top of the sheets and cover with the blanket. BTW, I use flannel sheets year round. So now the blanket is at least 30 years old and has turned into a rag. I feel like Linus.

This morning was a great staying in bed with the cold air coming into the house. It called for my favorite cold weather breakfast. Tamales with eggs and beans.

I also purchased this gizmo called an RCA player. Similar to an IPod. I got for a song and a dance and it holds 500 songs. I downloaded my favorite CDs and had the opportunity to download some CDs to my laptop that weren't in there. I want to start consolidating my stuff into the smallest possible space. My small Discman speakers work beautifully with this device so I can share the music while in the RV. All this is for my secret New Mexico project I hope to work on in the months of Spring giving the house sells this year.

This RCA player is really something. Super easy to use; downloading, sorting and playing. It also has AM/FM radio, as well as audiobooks. It came with three books already loaded that I may listen to sometime just for fun. I would like to put my Deepak Chopra and Conversations With God on there as well. So I spent most of the afternoon doing this.

If you wondered where I have been it has just been a hectic week with more work than I am accustomed to. So hang in there, I hope to get out rving one weekend in the next couple of weeks. I gotta get the hitch installed on the Durango.

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