Monday, September 15, 2008

Monterrey to Kansas City

I'm back at the Kinko's. I went to the library and they are having glitches and I just couldn't get logged on. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
The drive from Monterrey to the border was uneventful. I was concerned about crossing the border because of the storm and the recent rumors of not issuing permits. The Durango did a great job cruising along at 85 mph (I had to test it out). It drank the gasoline quite well and I could hear it slurping through to the engine from the tank. Towing will be great and I won't be a lead foot either.

At the bridge there was literally no traffic. We got in line for about 10 minutes and at the kiosk the agent checked us out and waved us through. We found the Super8 which was just up the road between the bridge and the airport. If you are a frequent visitor to the RGV or live there could you let me know why it is so difficult to find a liquor store?

The Super8 was awful. I will never go discount again. The room looked great but each bed received 1.5 pillows. The big pillow was foul and I tossed it over the edge. The little pillow let a crook in my neck the next day. I tossed and turned all night and even had a short nightmare which is not common at all for me. I felt the room had "mala vibra" and I will stand by that until the end. Do not stay at Super8 in McAllen in room 209.

Morning came faster than I had wanted but off we went to the airport. The U.S. is so strange to me now. I know it is home to over 300 million people but it is much different than the life I am now accustomed to. Not bad or good, just plain old different.

The airport was a trip in itself. Each of us is considered suspect until the very end. Why can't I take a bottle of water in my bag on the plane? A 3 ounce bottle of water, please! What happened to the sniff test? Since when is a computer more accurate than good old-fashioned mother nature. Well, we got through the detectors, half naked but they did allow us to redress.

Someday, all planes will go to the Southwest system. First come, first serve. There was more hop scotch going on than the man in the moon. "That's my seat", "what number do you have?". Take a seat and sit down for cryin' out loud. And please, do not complain to the flight attendant, that will grant you expulsion from the aircraft. After 911 flight staff got even with the traveling public. Enough bit-----, on with some sky shots.

There was no real lay over in Dallas as we had about 15 minutes to change planes. We were just three gates away and had time to grab a muffin for the trip to K.C.

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