Thursday, April 30, 2015

Overnight In Laredo

We took off around 2:30 this afternoon.   Not in a big hurry as we decided to stay in Laredo for the night.   We found a great deal at what used to be Holiday Inn and is now the Ramada.   Same everything but a different name.  

The trip was tough getting through Monterrey.   Traffic was heavy as everyone is on the move to go somewhere for the four-day weekend.  Once through town I stopped for a coffee and a pee break.   From there we hopped on the libre and went through several small towns.  The libre is in very good condition and once we reached the end where it hooks up with the toll road traffic stopped.  A very long line up to go through a military checkpoint.   Didn't take us long though, they were waving most people through.   The soldier was actually waving me over when I remembered I had my sunglasses on.  I pulled them off and he then changed his mind and he waved us through.   Off we went.  

Sorry no pictures.  I couldn't get to my cell phone.  Juan was asleep and to get the phone meant waking him up.   No way.   As we got closer to Nuevo Laredo we decided to go through town and take the old bridge through el centro.   As you head north you can take the route to bridge II or take the fork in the avenue to the left and take bridge I.   We went left which takes you by the old train station.  The train station has been remodeled and turned into a literature center.   Beautiful restoration.  

Once to the bridge, we found no cars.   I was almost hesitant to make the left hand turn but did anyway.   Crossing the bridge we were number 3 in line.  What???  This is a major holiday weekend.  They waved us through and told us to park downtown and walk back for the visa permit.   Took all of 10 minutes and off we went to the hotel.  On the five block ride to the I-35, we passed bridge II.   Nightmare in progress.  It was packed.   

Picked up a veggie burger and salad and we are checked in, cocktail in hand, and great internet access.  Up and off early to San Antono.  It's only 2.5 hours away.

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  1. I so appreciate having been there and can visualize what you are talking about. Laredo isn't our favourite after being through there a few times however - very busy. Enjoy your evening and ride to San Antonio. Jealous - LOVE Texas!