Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sick Cat Update

Headed out early this morning for Monterrey.   The SUV was still in the shop getting the bumper replaced.   Nightmare trying to get it fixed.  Good thing it wasn't severe body work repair, it would have been there for months.   It's still missing the bumper filler or impact absorbing material.  We picked it up anyway and for the meantime it has the original filler.   The part is on order and should be in by Tuesday.

I took the VW to get two new tires.   We replaced one pair six months ago and this is the other.  We ordered the tires from the warehouse in the car in the morning so two hours later they were waiting.  Thirty minutes and ready to roll.  I wanted to get this done because I noticed a bubble in the rear tire yesterday.   I'm off to McAllen on Monday for an event at a high school on Tuesday.

While we were waiting I found this vegan taco stand around the corner.  They are only open weekdays.  I'll have to try it sometime.

On the way home I stopped by the vet to check on Missy's progress.   She was in a room with an IV feeding her electrolytes.   She is eating baby food and when we walked in she heard us talking and began crying, very loudly.   The vet told us the fever is down some, she is re-hydrating and eating.  All good signs.   We are bringing her home tomorrow to start a regimen of antibiotics and vitamin C.  That's pretty much all that can be done at this point. 

There is no cure and the idea is to manage her immune system.  She stopped eating because she had an enlarged lymph gland in her neck which kept her from swallowing and then the lack of food caused her system to collapse.   The doctor (and my research) says she could come back to normal but we need to be vigilant with her future treatment.   So far the total bill is 1100 pesos so we are happy with that.  

The facilities are new.  Looks like any doctor's office and the equipment is all new.  Climate controlled and smells nice.  Some vets are stinky.    


  1. Sure hope Missy does okay.... although we don't have any cats now, (or do they not have us?)... both Bill & I care a lot more for cats than we do a lot of humans. Get well fast, Missy.

  2. Good news re Missy. You said you thought her glands were enlarged, stick with your gut instinct in the future.