Monday, April 6, 2015

Sunday In El Centro - Mexico City

After Saturday night's dinner with a bottle of wine and martinis, Sunday was a sleeper.  We went down for a late breakfast and then back to bed for a spell.  In the afternoon we met our friend Heriberto who lives in D.F.   He invited us to a well-known restaurant that has been in the same location for over 90 years.  They now have several other restaurants be Heri chose the original.  A short note on how we know Heriberto.   When I first started working for a publishing house back in 1994 our boss at the time, Michelle, hired us.   She was Heri's roommate for a couple of years.  We spent time together over the couple of years Michelle worked in Mexico.  You may remember we visited Michelle and her family in Phoenix last year.  Heriberto is another Mexican success story similar to Juan's.  Anyway, we had lunch at this old dumpy looking place that turned out to be a real jewel and another recommendation.

Here we are waiting for our service.

The place was packed but the wait well worth it.

Afterwards we returned to the Zocalo and a tour behind the scenes.

A great idea.  We decided to head to Garibaldi square where all the mariachis hang out.  Not what I had expected but it was still a good time and I wouldn't have passed it up.  Below is the tequila store that has hundreds of labels of tequila.

We went to the third story of the tequila museum which has a bar on the first floor as well as the third floor.  There was a mariachi singing on the third floor who asked us where we were from.  We told him Monterrey and he said, "oh, ustedes son codos".  Codo means elbow, but when you tap your elbow with the palm of your hand it means you or someone is cheap.  We take a bit of offense to that and Juan told him, "we very organized and good with our money".  We in the north think that the Chilangos or Capitalinos are spend thrifts and are more interested in appearances.  An age-old fight which continues today.  

Another piece of history is the Tenampa bar.  We had a drink and listened to the mariachis.  We saw lots of gringos in the square here which was really the time all week.  

Took the Metrobus home.   We walked by the famous Bellas Artes theater on our way.   Tomorrow I will show you some interesting things about the underground Metro.  

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  1. Funny codo story. Yet another great experience. I am so enjoying this trip with you. Thanks for sharing your photos and great moments.