Monday, April 27, 2015

Taking A Short Trip

I probably mentioned it in the last post that we are going to San Antonio this weekend.  We have a four-day mega weekend celebrating Cinco de Mayo.   It was going to be a three-day weekend with school on Monday and then Tuesday off.   I went to the committee last month and recommended we add a day to the school calendar or trade a day for another so it would be a five-day weekend.  If they didn't do that, based on personal experience, 40% of the students wouldn't show up on Monday.   Finally, last week, the education department changed the holiday to a Monday so that we have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off.

We won't be taking the trailer as we can't get it out of the driveway with the road work going on.  How is that going?  Slow.  We have had constant rains since January.  Saturday the sun shone and it will do the same for the next week.  Work has begun again.  They have spent past rain free days pumping water out of the trenches.   Today  they made some progress.

I took advantage of the sun too.  I am rewiring the 12V system adding new terminals, cleaning things up and installing the new inverter I had bought.   The solar is working but now I have no 12V.  I'll figure it out I'm sure, it's not rocket science.   I took a break from that today to power wash the roof and the sides as well.   I am caulking tomorrow and wanted a clean surface.   

We're still a bit somber around here.  Little Bit seems to be on a decline.  He's very lonely with Missy around.  At 15 I've seen what can happen.  We try to involve him when we are at home but he likes to sit out on the patio.   He still looks around when he hears something.   I guess I might do the same in the future if I'm in the same position.  Who knows.

Let's hope the sun continues to shine.   We will drive through Laredo taking the libre from home.  It's fast and in good condition not to mention much better scenery than the toll road. 


  1. Safe travels!!! We finally arrived home!!! Marilyn

  2. Getting caught up on blogs... so sorry about Missy. Hope the sun shines your way soon.

  3. NIce to be going away but too bad you can't take the RV. Hopefully Lil Bit will pick up but if you leave that will be difficult. Anyway you can bring him with you?