Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Trip To McAllen And Back - Missy the Cat

I drove up early Monday morning to McAllen for a course I taught at a local high school.   Monday was the return to classes in Mexico after Spring break so I took off at 6:30 a.m. to beat the traffic.  Made it through town and to the toll highway in an hour, that means past the international airport and beyond to Cadereyta.   Smooth sailing all the way.  At the border there was a 30 minute wait and I was waved right through.  

Did my school visit to set things up and deliver materials.   After, I checked into my hotel and did some shopping that was on the list.   Off to bed early and up just the same.   The students were the best and the reviews were excellent.   Work has been slow because of some corruption that has taken place.  That's corruption in Texas not Mexico.  Turns out that a state official was able to convince school districts to adopt a certain school that has never taught a prep course.   We were left by the curb but it is being exposed in the news.   Interesting. 

Came home late last night arriving about 8 p.m.   Faster going home for some reason than going there.   

As for Missy the cat, he is failing fast and it looks like the end is near.  Not much else we can do at this point but continue the treatment and follow the vets orders.   Sad, but Missy was a feral cat and got into a lot of stuff over the years.   I'm hoping we are doing all we can at this point and it has turned into a waiting game.


  1. all the best for your cat.....Maybe over the rainbow bridge time!!! Can't do much more that what you've done!!!

  2. So sorry to hear the news isn't so good for Missy. All you can do is your best and give him lots of love in his final days which I know you and Juan do anyways. Thinking about you guys, we know what is is like when a pet is sick and near the end.

  3. Glad to hear your trip and course went well. Sad about Missy. I know you are doing the best you can for your cat. As long as it is not suffering, there is nothing you can do but keeping on loving him.