Friday, April 10, 2015

Sick Kitty - Leukemia

Looks like she's been where she shouldn't have been.  We came home from Mexico City and Missy just wasn't looking right.  She was way to close to us as she never has been before.  She was thin and the food bin was nearly full.  She got better the last two days because we were feeding her the special meal they get at night.  I checked the playback on the cameras and it appears she didn't come in to eat the week we were gone.  Unfortunately, we had problems connecting remotely to the cameras from Mexico City because our configuration was not set correctly.   

Last night she had a relapse and this morning we took her to the vet.  Diagnosis is Feline Leukemia.  Treated with antibiotics she should recover.  I had checked her a couple of weeks ago and felt like she had swollen glands but Juan didn't seem to think so.  

He just left to the vet.  She called and said Missy is reacting to the IV and the antibiotics and wanted someone to come by and call Missy down.   I made a list of questions to ask.   Money isn't an issue but the blood tests so far were 1400 pesos.  We opted for just the Leukemia test which was 500 pesos and it was the sure bet based on the doctor's initial diagnosis.

So now it is wait, wait and wait some more to see how she reacts.   She's a feral cat and roams a lot at night.  Although we don't see cats around here she must of come in contact with urine or maybe bitten.  She eats mice sometimes so who knows.  Update later.


  1. Yikes...expensive blood tests. Poor Missy. Hope she pulls through.

  2. Actually not that expensive - way more here! Derek's mom just spent almost $1000 on a few things - not all at once but it added up. Sorry to hear about Missy......fingers crossed she will heal.

  3. It sounds like she might respond to the antibiotics. Sure hope so. I agree with Teresa, $5000.00 plus CAD is getting expensive. Hang in there. Wish we were there to help. Hugs to you all.