Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bustamante - Day 9 Restaurante & Hotel Ancira

Yesterday we came back into town to use the internet. There is an internet cafe here at the Aborrotes Ancira on Ocampo Street. When we finished drove out to Lampazos which is about 50 kms North of Bustamante and on the Hwy 1 to the Columbia Bridge. As we pulled out on to the highway, a group of people with orange vests waved us down with flags. They are doing a survey of people who use Hwy 1 to see if they are interested in an autopista from Monterrey to the Columbia Bridge. This is exciting news as you could literally travel from any point North of Laredo on Hwy I-35 directly to the Colombia Bridge via Texas Toll 255 and directly to Lampazos, Bustamante and into Monterrey or the Hwy 40 which runs East to China and West to Saltillo giving you the opportunity to visit Bustamante.

We stopped by to visit a retired teacher friend in Lampazos. Not knowing where he and his wife live, we did what most people do in small towns. We went to the plaza and to the mayor's office where it turns out, Carlos is a good friend of the mayor's and works for him in a private business. Small world we live in.

After that I was getting hungry and we had had such a good lunch at Restaurante Ancira in the main plaza that we decided to go back for that great caldo de res that they serve. A meal in itself (40 pesos). We walked into the restaurant and I saw a guy sitting in the back with glasses on. I thought it was a customer and then I did a double take. It was our friend and owner of the restaurant Felipe.


He and his wife Lorena had been in Monterrey the day before when we dropped by. We had a great lunch and spent about two hours chatting about rving, the hotel business and tourism in Bustamante. Felipe gave us the run down on all the advances that Bustamante has made in the tourism area, including the remodeling of the Grutas de Bustamante. Felipe's mom and dad started the restaurant 50 years ago and are still there today working hard to keep its reputation.

When you come from the Colombia Bridge, Bustamante is an excellent option as a first night stop. On top of that, Felipe showed us his parking area in back of the hotel and across the street. He says it is ideal for parking your rv no matter what size it is. In addition, you can also stay at the park where we did for two nights. Lots to see and do here in Bustamante and don't forget to buy some the great bread they sell here, coyotas, semita, pulque, etc. Everything is 10 to 20 pesos, original recipes and true quality homemade product.
Be sure and stop by the Restaurante Ancira because they have local traditional dishes such as fritada, cabrito, caldo de res, enchiladas and the menu is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Take a look at this double crepe myrtle that is in the hotel patio, it isn't two plants just one but with two colors.

Today we are off for Mina and Hidalgo. In Hidalgo we will be staying at the Potrero Chico which is an international rock climbing park. They have primative campgrounds (no services) but do have a small restaurant there.
One last note, as we left the Parque Canon de Ojo we noticed a sign that said all the park fees are used for scholarships for the local population. Now that is really something. It appears that Bustamante is really on the vanguard.

Last night was a cool evening with a wonderful breeze. After taking a nice walk we decided it was time for a cold beverage.Photobucket
While sitting under the awning we kept hearing a bell ringing. Looking up to the moutain top there was group of goats eating away and jumping around on the rocks. You may have to look hard to see them. I slept beautifully, no noise but the sound of a nearby running stream. What a wonderful life!

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