Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Safe and Sound!

A bad contact to a sensor kept us from continuing the trip. I couldn't find but two mechanics in the boonies and one did a good job of getting us home. His name is Armando, a teacher in Aramberri. After finding out I was a teacher, he took a look at the car, wired the contact to the sensor. He called it a "mexicanada". He charged us 15 pesos for 45 minutes of work. He refused the other moneywe offered him. It worked and we got home, some cutting out on hills but Patty the Pathfinder did her job and got us over the mountains.

So back to Zaragoza. I will learn new things the rest of my life. I have always preached about the availability of ATM machines in Mexico. Aramberri, Zaragoza, Dr. Arroyo and Mier y Noriego have no banks and as I stated yesterday, Aramberri and Zaragoza have no gas stations. Lots of politics involved in all of that but I won't go there. As for banks, we were low on money thinking Zaragoza would at least have an ATM. So I asked Prof. Armando while he was working on the car what people do. If you get a check, you take a bus 150 miles to the nearest bank. Everyone in town pays in cash so their mattresses are stuffed. However, I knew there had to be something. The local Western Union office, also known as TeleCom, will give you cash from your debit or credit card. We took out 3000 pesos and the charge was 11.99 pesos. We were on the road.

Here are some pics of the waterfalls and the park at El Salto, Zaragoza, Nuevo Leon.

I'm updating yesterday's blog with the missing pics I couldn't load so you may want to scroll down.

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