Friday, July 4, 2008

ING Home Insurance Coverage

Today I have an appointment to renew our home insurance policy. It expires in July so better to do it before we leave on the trip. Cement houses don't catch fire very often and home theft is not too common either when you have protectores (bars) on the windows. The policy covers structure, contents, theft, fire, window breakage, and injury. Price $100 dollar for the year. Can't beat that!

It rained all night to the point where there were flashfloods, no injuries reported and we really needed the rain. More expected this weekend. I am off to the gym, going to pick up my checks, get the insurance come home and have a nice lunch and a nap.

Let's see what the day brings.

BTW, TV newscaster and paper reporter Dan Cook passed away today. He coined the phrase "it ain't over till the fat lady sings". RIP QEPD

Wow, I got all my list done and came home for my nap. It was a short one. The rain woke me up. As I was heading out to pick up the trailer, there was flash flooding on the highway. I made the decision to turn around and go home. I can get it tomorrow and there won't be any rush hour traffic.

When I went to the bank today to pay taxes and make a deposit, the lottery guy was sitting outside. He constantly reminds me that I promise to buy from him the next time. Today he said, "oiga, usted siempre me dice que la proxĂ­ma ves". So I caved in and bought my cachitos. I hope I win something.ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN - When you go out in the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands and stick together.

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