Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Knock On The Door


Went into town yesterday afternoon to finish the blog. Got done and stopped by the panadería to buy some coyotas. Coyotas are a local bread (they have different versions in Sonora made by the Yaki tribe) filled with leche quemada and covered with nuts and piloncillo (raw sugar).

Got home and started to watch a video during happy hour. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. It didn't scare us but it was a bit of a shock. In almost eight years of rving and boondocking in Mexico this is the first time someone has knocked on the door.

I opened the window and asked who it was because I couldn't see anything. It was our boys in green. The sargeant in charge and two soldiers greated us. Get this, they wanted to know if it would be a bother if their 40 troops camped out across from us. I know he was being polite but it was nice to ask. We said we would be honored to have them there. Geez, how much more protection could you ask for. This morning they were up at 6 a.m., got cleaned up, had their breakfast, policed the area for trash and then headed out.Photobucket

The scenery here is fantastic. This is a true state park, quiet, clean and lots of space to camp. Of course during the week there are no crowds. I put the awning out this morning, an event that doesn't happen very often because we are usually in a windy place. This is going to be a really great day. Tonight we can sit outside under the awning, listen to some jazz and have a coooollllddd cocktail.PhotobucketPhotobucket All the sites have a nicely done picnic table and grill as well as stone floors and walkways.
I captured this little blue boy sitting in a tree as I was having my morning coffee. You may have to look closely but he's there.Photobucket
The sun came up over the mountains and the view was majestic. I love this area and all the mountains. We will stay here tonight and head to Lampazos and then back down to Hidalgo. In Hidalgo is the Potrero Chico. Wonderful place to camp and relax.PhotobucketPhotobucket

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