Saturday, July 19, 2008

Posada El Potrero Chico - Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon

I want to share Posada El Potrero Chico for a couple of reasons. Luis the owner, has always been extremely good to us and has gone out of his way on a couple of occasions. As I said the other day, he made special accomodations for us but allowing us to stay in a new addition to his campground and also cut the grass and fixed the fence so we could pass from one side to the other.
Luis runs a campground that caters to mountain climbers. His facilities are some of the best around the Monterrey area. In addition to tenting sites, he also has a small hotel and some casitas that he rents. As you know, being in a small trailer sometimes can be challenging, and the opportunity to get out to do some of your chores makes it a relief. At Posada El Potrero Chico, they have a laundry, a kitchen which is open 24 hours with sinks, stoves and refrigerators for campers to use in a communal fashion, a covered palapa for eating and working.

There are large bathrooms with showers and lots of hot water. They are very clean tiled units. Also, he has excellent WiFi. We were outside the campground in terms of boundaries and were able to use the Internet from our trailer.

Two new things coming up at Posada El Potrero Chico are a new swimming pool with (big) and the possibility of an rv park. Luis says they will start off slow and build their way up. As a primitive campsite, we paid 55 pesos per person. I don't know what he will charge in the future when they set up the rv sites with electric and water. It is wise to make a reservation. Here is the link to his website: .

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