Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Patty's Under Diagnosis

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I headed off for the Nissan dealer this morning. Arrived at 7:25 and they opened right on time at 7:30. I was sixth in line and it took about forty minutes to get me registered and checked in. They will have a diagnostic done and call me around 11 a.m.

So what is my little secret from yesterday. About two months ago, Patty was had the same problem. My mechanic messed with it for over two weeks and finally told me the problem was the MAF sensor. He showed me the invoice from Nissan where he bought the part and the price of 3950 pesos. I had no idea what a MAF was and he replaced it and it worked great. Now that I know what this sensor is and where it is, my suspicion is that he showed me an invoice and returned the new part and either cleaned the sensor or installed a used one.

If the MAF is the problem, Nissan can tell me if the part was new and purchased from them. If it isn't I will register a complaint with PROFECO (Mexican BBB) and get my money back. I hate being ripped off by a mechanic. On the other hand, if I wanted to rv it would be pretty hard using a couple of horses to pull the Funfinder, now wouldn't it?

Today I need to start a search for plane tickets. My nephew who is also my godson, is getting married on Sept. 14 in Kansas City. He has lived in Germany for over 15 years now. I see him every two or three years. He's a good guy and we love him to pieces.

Patty Update

Just left the dealer. It is the MAF sensor. I called the other mechanic and he said for me to bring it back and he would fix it. I did find a sensor for 145 dollars on the Internet with a one year warranty. Let's see what happens.

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