Friday, July 11, 2008

Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up Put On A Happy Face

It did clear up yesterday afternoon and the rains have moved on. We spent quite a great afternoon and evening here in Cerralvo. As I may have mentioned, Cerralvo was the original capitol of Nuevo Leon.

We stayed at the Parque National El Sabinal. El Sabinal is an 8 sq km park that has a large group of cypress trees in a small forest. The park has a paved path, swimming pool, palapas and asadores. It is very well done and the director insisted that we spend the night. Across the street is the parque recreativo, as I have said many times, parque recreativos are park set up for locals to picnic and escape the town for the day. They are excellent for camping. This one is enclosed, has running track, tennis court, baseball diamond, basketball court and bathrooms. He locked us in after 8 pm. The guard was in front all night and we could leave if we wanted to.

The director insisted also that we use the electricity. He even brought a 100ft extension cord for us to use.

This is an excellent boondocking spot. The park also has a visitor's center with a computer room and WiFi. That is where I am writing from now. The weather this morning is cool and a nice breeze is coming through.

We head out in an hour for Sabinas Hidalgo. We called ahead yesterday to the municipio and they have a parque recreativeo that was recently completed (it appeared in the paper that is how I found it). They said it is secure and we can spend the night.

I will post pictures of El Sabinal and all that went on there later today.

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  1. What's up dude...

    Poor you, traveling around Mexico, jajaja. Hope you plan to drive through Puebla... If so, let me know.

    In the mean time, take care.

    Arturo Lopez