Monday, July 14, 2008

Villaldama and Bustamante Day 8

Sunday was a rest day and tons of people showed up to the balneario to swim and bar-b-que. It was a lazy day and we took time out to watch a couple of movies in between swimming and seeing the sights.

Before leaving Sabinas Hidalgo, we stopped by the presidencia to say goodbye and to thank our friends from the departament de cultura y educacion in the presidencia municipal. We couldnt have had such a great weekend without them.Photobucket

Today we stopped here in Villaldama. In Villaldama, we visited the local museum. They have old photographs on display as well as the mining train that they used in the local mines. I saw photos of Queta Garay, a Mexican actress from the 40s to the 70s. She died a few years ago but was born and lived in Villaldama. Supposedly her son married a local girl and still lives there. They also have a free internet cafe at the local biblioteca. There we met the person in charge. His name is Guadalupe.Photobucket We asked a couple of questions about what else to see in the town and he obliged us. We headed to the plaza for a short walk around and as we were sitting there, here comes Guadalupe. He offered to take us on a tour of the local swimming hole and park as well as the Capilla La Ermita which is on top of the hill where I took pictures overlooking Villaldama.

From Villaldama, we took off for Bustamante. Again, we found our way to the main plaza and to the presidencia municipal where they guided us to the Parque Canon de Ojo.




It is 8 kms long and has 10 camping areas. The last one, number 10 has a natural springs swimming pool, palapas and grills. We are staying at number 3 and there are public bathrooms, and electricity at each site. The cost for camping is 60 pesos for two people. Not bad considering we have electricity and are allowed to run the air conditioning.

At the entrance to the park there is security 24/7. Also, at the gate are cameras that scan your plates as you come in and out of the park. They are patrolling all night long. This is really a super place and is suited for big rigs. Watch out for low trees, but each camping area has space for a bus with ease. This includes past pueblos such as Cerralvo and Sabinas Hidalgo.
Unfortunately, the caves are closed for remodeling and wont be open until the end of summer.

Sorry, but here the internet connection is very slow so I will be updating with photos later tomorrow. Sorry if they are big and hard to download, but Blogger just wont accept a slow connection so I am putting them into my Photobucket and passing the HTML.

I received a suggestion from a friend today about plotting the route on a map. I will work on that this week. I also need to buckle down and work on a writing project that is due in two weeks. I have barely started. It is a sample for English language learning textbooks for young adults. All work and no play . . . . . .

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  1. Thanks for the tour Chris! Great photos and stories, it is almost like being there. I will have to add your area to the list of "Must See" in Mexico. So much to see and so little time!