Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's All In The "MAF"


After working with the Pathfinder for a day and knowing that the problem exists in the MAF sensor, it is time to take Patty to the dealer for a diagnostic. I have my reasons for going to the dealer which I may explain later if I am right about something, humm, that's a little secret I'll hold. I cleaned the MAF with a special electronic spray, I used rubbing alcohol on Q-Tips to clean the small diodes and there is a slight improvement but not sufficient.

I have checked all possible sources for the chip, used and new and the dealer is the only choice left. Ebay didn't even have one. The dealer price is around 4000 pesos. The price you pay for driving an old car.

So I decided to clean Patty up for the trip to the dealer tomorrow morning. I vacuumed out all of the trip dirt, the whole trip whizzed through my mind as I opened and closed doors and put seats up and down. Wow, this last month has really been something. I know for you fulltimers or retirees that can come and go as you like it probably isn't anything. This was my first month-long vacation in my adult life.

I also waxed Patty and put ArmorAll on all the tires and trim. I think she still looks pretty good. I sent my brother Bob an email and told him about Patty and he said, "you squeak!". Yes, cheap with some things and extravagant with others. As For The Blog

I have been pondering on the blog and how to manage it to keep people coming. One thing I know is that good readership depends on happy readers. My goal is to start posting in the morning and the afternoon. Nothing worse that clicking on a blog and there is no update. Hang in there with me, I want to show you what Mexico is all about and how things work, so my daily adventures will be more focused.
Rose Nyland said, "my uncle could squeeze a nickel until the buffalo pooped". Touché!

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