Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Rush Is On!

Nearing the end of the week and a million things left to do for the big adventure. The trip will begin on Monday the 7th. I am still in the route planning stages and I will finally know what a four-week rv vacation is like. I have a feeling it will be a big come down when I return. See, I am already thinking about the end and the journey hasn't even begun.

Today I have things to do around the house, a class at 1 p.m. and then I am off to Conchita, which is the baby hospital. My good friend Alejandro and his wife Blanca are having their baby in about 10 minutes and I will stop by to visit them. There is also an ulterior motive and that is to pick up my ticket for the Caritas raffle. The winning prize is a 500,000 dollar home. I hope I win, the raffle is on my birthday in August.

This afternoon I will be working with the map after I take my afternoon siesta. I will also post a picture of my friends and the baby if they let me in with the camera.

Tomorrow I am going to check out a new Internet device sold be Telcel that you connect to your laptop via a USB port and can receive high speed Internet where ever Telcel has service (WiFi). The cost is 649 pesos unlimited use. My home system runs about 43 dollars a month from Telmex but if this should work I would get rid of the phone service as well as the modem.

Well, off to get my chores done.

It's A Girl!

I made it to the Hospital today. Blanca had her baby and it is a girl. She was born caesarean. Blanca is resting comfortably in her air-conditioned private room. The baby was still in an incubator getting warmed up and checked out. Alex is a proud daddy for the third time. He says this is their last one. Alex is an accountant for Harinera de Mexico, which is a subsidiary of Maseca (Gruma). He was my student for about a year. His English is excellent and he just took a TOEIC test to confirm his level. Advanced!

Bridge Update

It's really moving along. It is just about ready for the side rails and paving. I figure it will be done by the time we are home from vacation next month.

Missy the kitty has made a complete adjustment to house and home. In fact, she is doing a good job of eating me out of it. She has a ferocious apetite and is a fiesty little critter. The cats are going on the trip. Oh boy!


  1. I don´t know if I a doing this right but we will see. Great postings on the trip to SA, TX. The information was useful and the pics were self explanatory. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    PS: Loved the picture with the cats!

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog, and I am looking forward to following a fellow seeker. Best of luck and health on your journey.