Sunday, July 20, 2008

Trip Tic - Nuevo Leon

Let's see if this map helps to show the places we have visited. A couple of places don't appear on the map and some are shown by number around the Metropolitan area of Monterrey. These numbers are shown in the box on the left with their corresponding municipio. We started at Santiago to Cadereyta, China, General Bravo, Dr. Coss, Los Aldamas, failed attempt to reach Los Herreras, Los Ramones, Cerralvo, General TreviƱo, Agualeguas, Vallecillo, Sabinas Hidalgo, Villaldama, Bustamante, Lampazos, Salinas Victoria, Abasolo, Carmen, Hidalgo, Mina, Escobedo, Monterrey, and back to Santiago.

BTW, the truck route through Monterrey has been completely repaved and is a great route to go right through town to the South of the city and on to Santiago, Allende, Linares, and Ciudad Victoria, Tamps. I highly recommend it. I can give details if anyone is interested.

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  1. I'm really enjoying your trip, thanks for posting the map so I don't have to go and find mine. We've been through NL so many times but always just a fast loop around Monterrey on the toll road and out. One of these days I hope to spend more time in some of these places that look so inviting.