Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dolly Poops Out - El Salto and the Waterfalls

L0ts going on today. Some personal and philosophical stuff too. Yesterday was great. We hiked around the mountains, took pictures and just listened to the water.
We also spent some time in town visiting the local museum and gift shop where the owner has written a book about the small pueblos around Zaragoza. She is very interesting and full of information.

The park is really something. On a cleanliness scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, we rank this park as a 9.8. A few small pieces of litter, but I base that on kids playing in the falls and water watching a cup float down to see where it goes, things like that. It is also very quiet at night, just the roar of the falls nearby.

There are lots of plants and flowers to see. This morning we saw a black squirrel, not common in these parts. Orchids are popular but not blooming this time of year.
One thing to be aware of, there is not a gas station in Aramberri or Zaragoza. You buy gas from the hardware stores that have a large tank and dispense like a station pump but at a price of 8 pesos a liter. Fill up before getting to Aramberri.

This gas may be the problem with the truck. It is stalling and cutting out, it could be the sensor problem I had several months back. We found a mechanic and will leave it there this afternoon. Wish me luck. Depending on the outcome, we may try to limp back home tomorrow. There is nothing with in 200 miles of here that would have a dealer or a major mechanic shop.

On another note, I have made the decision not to do the writing project. Although I started the sample to be submitted I decided it is no longer my passion. The publisher has been very good to me though, for 15 years I worked as a free lance consultant and traveled the Amercas and Carribean. I cant complain about the work, travel or the money.

Now though, my passion is rving and showing people Mexico. Im sure many of knew the reason for the blog was to see if there were any interest in small orientation caravans. In other words, meeting up in Laredo at an rv park, spending the night going over papers and general Mexico information. The next day crossing the border at Columbia and helping everyone with permits and inspections. From there it would be one of many destinations to give newbees a taste of Mexico highways, gas stations and the like and staying at one of the many northern locations around Monterrey or to the south. Do some sightseeing, a nice dinner out and then everyone could go on their way the next day down the East coast, Saltillo or South to Queretaro and all other points. Just a dream right now.

On A Sad Note

One of my favorite TV personalities passed away on Tuesday. Estelle Getty, better known as Sophia on The Golden Girls. I have watched her every night for the last 20 years, either on TV, recorded VHS or the syndicated DVDs series I bought two years ago. I am only missing a couple of episodes. RIP.

A Bit of Reflection

This morning before breakfast I went for a hike up the mountain following the waterfalls to the spring where most of the water has its origin. On the way, I found this bench where I sat for quite a long time thinking about all that is happening, has happened and what the future holds.
As I sat there, I saw a leaf break loose from its branch and slowly float down to the water where it was whisked away by the current. I thought a lot about that little leaf, and as corny as it may sound, that leaf, my friend the little seed in the stryofoam cup where the plant goes up and the roots go down, and those little white mice, they all die and so do we. There is a process though that makes it all worthwhile. Im not hooked on dying although it is the end result and we too take our place somewhere in the picture whether it be as plant food for a giant oak tree or to be remembered for some great feat or pitiful disaster.

So what is the part that most people dont seem to get? I see so many people walking around the falls as if they are a separate entity from all of this. Its like going to the zoo and looking into the cages. When was the last time most of these people went for a walk, sat somewhere and contemplated the true meaning of all this. That they too are a part of nature and the bigger picture, it isnt just about us. As a forum member posted one day (Ill never understand it) that God put all of this here for us to use up, and when its all gone then we will all go to heaven. Lord help us!

Sorry for the lack of picutes and some punctuation but the internet is a bit slow here. I will keep you posted on what is going on.

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