Monday, July 21, 2008

Worst Than I Thought - Black Tank Crack

I have been able to fix just about everything we banged, pulled, kicked and hit but I discovered this morning that the black tank problem is not a pipe that had been knocked loose. The tank was hit from the underside where the drain pipe exits the tank cracking the tank pipe opening almost all the way around. Take a look:

I just came back from the hardware store and bought some "plastilina". Don't know what you call it in English but it is like putty and when you get it hot and roll it out it creates a patch that when dries is supposed to work wonders.

I also reasd on the EternaBond website that their product is good for cracks in water tanks. I may order some when we return if this doesnt hold.

On a "lighter" note, yesterday was Día Libre. Remember, I can eat whatever I want. So as you can see, I had empalmes (two corn tortillas filled with beef and beans) fried with two eggs and salsa, served with beans, potatoes with cayenne pepper and avocado. That was really delicious.

It looks like this guy has really become accustomed to the good life. She was a real jewel on the trip, never complained, played in the car and the trailer.


  1. From the photo of the tank it looks like one of those fiberglass repair kits might work as well. Just make sure the tank is not leaking when you attempt it. I have used Eternabond on roof leaks with great success but have never tried it on something like this. Let us know what you ended up doing.

    It sounds like Dolly might be heading your way. Keep safe!

  2. I did find a bomb for the ants. Wierd they like to eat styrofoam. I will see this week if I shake anymore of them loose.

    As for the black tank, I thought about fiberglass repair, but I am not convinced it is fiberglass. The putty is drying now so that will be another test.

    Not the best of the three tanks to have to repair :)