Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wow, What A Workout!

Decided to stop be lazy and get off my duff. This last year we had an ant problem in the trailer. These are the big ants and they were eating the styrofoam insulation. We fixed the problem and the insulation snow stopped falling in the closet. That was last year. On this trip, I saw a couple of the big ants. So today I set off a bomb in the trailer. First I disconnected the batteries, unplugged the trailer and turned off the gas. After, I opened it up to air out.
After my nap, I washed the linens and bedspread as well as the seat cushion covers. I vacuumed, scrubbed the floor, and cleaned the rugs. We are ready to roll again on Tuesday morning.
Also, while we were gone, I shut off the pool filter and just let the pool go. The evaporation rate is extreme here with 100 degree heat. A guy will be working this next week redoing the grout and giving it a good acid bath. I will take pics tomorrow, today the pool looks awful. I'll never do that again.
Word of advice from my sister; "It's five o'clock somewhere". Time for a cool cold cocktail!

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  1. I had those carpenter ants in the insulation of my hot tub a couple of years ago. I had one of those bombs that I smuggled up from the USA (they are illegal in Canada), covered the hot tub with a huge tarp and set the bomb off under it. That was the end of the ants! It will work for you.