Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boy Did I Screw Up

Today was my appointment to see Lolita, the Mexican tax person.  A little background on how this works, it is a really good system.  Turns out that there is an error on my tax records.  They have two systems that talk to each other and one system still shows our old address.  I may have been the cause and I have known this problem exists for years.  I first discovered it when I had my wallet stolen in San Antonio, Tx.  In my wallet was my tax card.  I use this card to pay my taxes monthly at any bank or tax office in the country.  The payment is registered via internet at the bank and there is no charge for the the transaction.  Well, I applied for a new card and that is when I discovered the error.  It doesn't affect my tax payments but my affect my tax refunds.  

My accountant made an appointment on line.   Once the appointment is made, you receive an email with the date, time and place of the appointment.  Mine was for today at 9:42 a.m.  (none of the transactions you need to do take over 7 to 10 minutes, try that with the IRS).  I received a PDF with the confirmation number and I was set to go. 

I got up at 5 a.m., showered and went to the gym.  I worked out until around 8 o'clock and headed home to shower again, eat and take off.   Well, I realized that the office had been changed to the one out here in the zona citrica.   Not a problem but it did set me back a bit because I didn't know exactly where the office was in Montemorelos.  I was still on time and got my things together.  As I headed out the door, I left the front door open because it was still cool so I closed the gate on the porched and locked.   That's when I realized . . . . . I didn't have the keys.   WTF!  I had locked myself out of the house, first time in many, many years.  No problem, we keep a magnetic tin hidden in the laundry room.  Not there!  Got used when someone came to visit and we weren't home and the keys didn't make their way back to the laundry room.

I took the screen off the window, fished the keys off the hook in the kitchen with the long pole we use to skim the pool.   The keys hit the floor and I was able to push the dining room chairs around and get the keys my way.   I walked around, unlocked the door, set my folder down, shut the window and put things back in place (my fear is that if I die and someone comes to the house they will think I was a slob so I like things in order) and dashed out the door.  

I arrived to Montemorelos, not lost but not sure of where to go in the downtown area.  I saw a mailman on his motorbike and asked him.  He started to explain and said, "follow me".  My dad was a postal employee, they all have good hearts but who would stop their route to helps someone?  He led me there, I shook his hand and told him "dios te bendiga" and off I went.   I walked into the office at 9:45.   My name was on the list and as I walked toward the counter, the woman said, "do you have a utility bill and your official ID".  OMG!  I left it on the kitchen counter.  SOB!  (Kevin, I know you don't like acronyms).

Not a problem, I went home, got on line, made another appointment for tomorrow.  The system is super-smooth, I am the problem.  Live and learn.

P.S.  Looks like I won't be too bored next week.  I got a job in Sinaloa for the week!  Mazatlan, Culiacan and Los Mochis, here I come.


  1. I don't mind the acronyms that I understand. It's the ones that I don't understand that I don't like!

  2. Screwed up twice! How old did you say you were??