Tuesday, April 16, 2013

May Have To Going Camping


It is going to be a long two weeks.  I think I may have to take the rv out and go somewhere.  I'm not bored yet by any means but I should take full advantage of the time.   I am working on our trip to Chihuahua.  New Mexico is too far to go and with the price of fuel we could stay out longer in Chihuahua.   Still undecided, I want to do both.

I got up early and went to the spelling bee.  This is the first one ever for the school and the teachers as well as the students were pretty excited.   I was hoping for the parents and other students to come to the auditorium but the teachers didn't have the confidence that they could pull it off.   I only oversaw the process giving input when needed.  I made it clear from the beginning that it was their show.

The kids had a blast and the teachers were very proud of their hard work and all the enthusiasm on part of their kids.
Primary winners!
 Secondary winners!

I go back Thursday to give a talk on the "Importance of English".  This is culture week at the school and they have many events going on.  I love to see schools like this where teachers, parents and students are all involved. 

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  1. While we were in Spain studying spanish I realized the importance of english. We had people in our class that usually spoke 2, 3, or 4 languages but english was nearly always one of them. The second language of the class was english but of course it was frowned on to use it.