Sunday, April 21, 2013

Trip Canceled
Stuff happens and my trip to Sinaloa has been canceled.  They waited to long to book the flight and the cheapest was 900 dollars.   Someone on top has to authorize ticket purchases and I won't go into that.  So here I sit broken hearted, well not really.  I have a list of things to work on and will continue to do that.  I would really like to take the rv out for a spin and just might  do that.

Funky weather we are having now.   It was 40C all week and now I'm wearing sweats.  What's that all about?  Now, the universe willing, we will have rain on Wednesday and we're talking thunderstorms.  We need rain so bad that some of the wells are already giving saline water.   Not good for crops, animals or humans.  I've cut way back on watering.  In fact, a friend I had coffee with this week had been in San Antonio and said he couldn't believe that people were only allowed to water once a week and by hand.   It is really getting bad.

I hope I'm not p------- off anybody with my blog but it is my blog and I have to say what I feel.  I'm not a flag waver and I don't believe in patriotism, those two things really hack people off and we live in a world that is multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and to respect each other. 

History is being made ever day and we have some control over it and how we want it to turn out.  As they say, history does repeat itself so we have thousands of years of experience to glean from.   Why experiment with things that take us into sketchy areas if we already know the outcome?  Better to make friends, help others and share all that we have, and I'm not talking about money either.  

We've made big business out of much of this in terms of media, military, souvenirs, and other marketing madness.  It is time to put things into check and work on things that are truly of greater importance such as economic independence, a drug-free society, international relationships, countries without boundaries, hunger and disease.   Sounds to optimistic?  Not really.    

As for stoning people, sounds much more fair than a firing squad.  It's like hunting deer with an automatic weapon, what chance do they have?


  1. Didn't you retire? LOL! I am not P****d off as everyone has a right to their opinion and that right should be respected. I don't have to agree. A lot of the time we are pretty close in our views.

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  2. Chris, although you talked about it, clean water should be on your list. Clean water will eliminate many diseases--a two for one. Regarding drugs, please exclude alcohol from the drug list as I have to have a glass of vino every so often!

    Your blogs go a long way in helping those who read them to understand Mexico better. Even changing a few minds helps us all.