Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thanks Croft!


We have had problems with the three dresser drawers in the rv bedroom from the get go.  Today I finally took them out and lo and behold!  That good ole rv crapsmanship!  The rails were loose as the screws were never set properly, one rail was cut to short so there was no anchor, it just hung there, and another had several holes drilled for the same screw which left one big gaping hole.  Last week, Croft had mentioned a loose cabinet hinge and said he used glue and toothpicks.  Worked for me!  Thanks Croft!  Croft also helped me run new cables from the battery to the inverter.   That works well too!  BTW, the glue below is not pronounced yoo hoo.  The pronunciation are the letters in Español, ew ahchey ew.
Croft also said to add some drawer magnets.  I did and those drawers will never roll open during flight.

 These are pics from last week.  Juan took these from the top of the tobogan ride at one of  tthe pools.  You can appreciate the size of the club.  It is over 600 acres and is comprised of 4000 lots, the club house, showers and bathrooms, and over 100 palapas.  There are security cameras throughout the property.  How does it work?  Each member has to purchase at least one lot of 500 sq meters.  We have 1500 sq meters and it is an irregular lot in terms of dimensions.  It is a sloping lot on a triangle and ends at a point at the bottom of the hill so we have no neighbors on the sides or southern slope.  Now they have watera nd electric to  each lot.  It is not a fancy place by any means, and the land is semi-arid so it is mostly mesquite trees, cactus, etc.   We pay 325 pesos a month for dues which is nothing.  Outside of Semana Santa, and a few holiday weekends, it doesn't get much use.  Quite a few retired couples live there full time in their houses or cabins.  Some are very rustic and some are very well-designed.  We also receive 1000 liters of water per month if you are not on the water system and it is delivered to our lot.   Security is excellent, noise and music came to a screaching halt every night no later than 10:30.  If you are a foreigner, you have to be a permanent resident to belong.

We were located in an overflow area that  has about ten palapas.  We hooked up to the electric via extension cords.  No air conditioning but everything worked well.

Tennis courts off in the distance.

 A night at the fogata, karaoke, show and fun.


  1. What a lovely place. Hopefully some day we will be able to meet you there.

  2. No Kevin, I didn't try it. The water at the end was too shallow!

    Glad the glue and toothpick trick worked, I have used it many times. It was something I learned from my father.