Saturday, April 20, 2013

Difference In Cultures

I was listening to a very interesting Mexican radio talk show from Mexico City.  A true fact that I never really gave thought to:   In the U.S., when there is an explosion or mass shooting, people automatically think it is a terrorist attack.  In Mexico, the first thing we think is that it was an accident (recent case of the explosion in the Pemex corp office in D.F.).  

That gives us a good indicator about culture and why we feel that way.   I won't take this any further but to say we never feel threatened here in Mexico by outside sources.  We don't have to.   What country would want to bring down the Mexican government?  We haven't had a war in umpteen years not to mention an international incident since the Mexican-American war in the 1840s.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


  1. Sorry Chris, you are wrong. Google Columbus, NM and Pancho Villa and 1916. It was the last time the continental US was invaded as I recall the plaque said. Also the first time tanks were used significantly I think.

    I stayed at Pancho Villa SP. It is nice. I rode my bike over the border to Las Palomas. Dusty border town. Poor on both sides for the most part. Shootings and killings as part of the drug problems on both sides and corruption on both sides.

  2. Thanks Mike for the correction, I wasn't sure and too lazy on a Saturday to look it up. So, almost 100 years and no international threats here in Mexico. Pretty good record.

  3. Chris, with out question I agree with your underlying points about Mexico's international relations. Have a great day

  4. I agree 100 percent. The fact that Mexico does not get involved in other countries actions, and that many things in Mexico are not of the best construction practice, or maintained properly, give truth to your belief.