Monday, April 15, 2013

Living The Bachelor Life Now!

Well, just for two weeks :)  Juan took off for Mexico City to do some more research for his doctorate.  He will be visiting schools and the education departments in different delegaciones.   I took him to the airport Sunday morning leaving the SUV at our place in town.   I realized when we left, the front tire on the SUV went flat.  I came home, did laundry and farted around the rest of the day.

Today, up early and out the door.  I went to the gym and then headed into town.  First stop was the ISSTE clinic to get Juan's cholesterol medicine.  Wow, what a system.  I had his ID card and his prescription.  I walked in, went to window 1 to sign in and then off to window 2 to turn in the prescriptoin.  The place is really top drawer and everyone is very friendly.  Excellent service.  They pull the prescriptions, bag them and then call your name.  I saw lots of people waiting and thought I should have brought a book with me.  Less than 10 minutes later they called my name.  Free prescription, a months supply of cholesterol drug that costs 95 dollars.   Maybe I should join the social system, well, I have been thinking about it.

That done, I drove to the house in Monterrey and looked at the flat tire.  There was the culprit, a screw was driven into the tread.  I pulled out the compressor, filled the tire and drove down to the vulcanizadora where he fixed the flat for 70 pesos, $5.50 U.S.  A bit expensive but hey, this is Monterrey.

So here I am and tomorrow I have a spelling bee to MC in the colegio in Allende where I have been volunteering.  After that, I am planning on power washing the house.   I got the materials to fix the last drawer in the dresser in the rv.  I can tackle that in a few minutes.

On Wednesday, I have an appointment with Lolita (Uncle Sam or Sugar) to fix an error in my address.  I have put it off for years and now that I am working on my social security it is important that it is fixed.  The appointment lasts about 15 minutes and the problem will be solved once and for all.  

Bad news on the bombing in Boston.  I would never wish such a tragedy on anyone or any country.  Innocent people don't deserve that treatment.  However, it is another sign that we need to withdraw troops from other countries and bring them home to do what they were meant to do, protect their country.  The U.S. has a huge border with both Canada and Mexico not to mention the East and West coasts.  They need tens of thousands of people to do that.  It is very porous and I can vouche for that.  Too many people crossing where and when they want and that doesn't include ships and airplanes.   I don't think the TSA is really prepared to do that job. 

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